try these ideas for healthy holiday eating | Svelte Organic ProteinThe holiday season is known for its delicious food. From pies to cookies, dinner rolls to mashed potatoes, extra sugar, calories, and carbs are everywhere. But don’t let holiday treats destroy your diet. With the right recipes, you can avoid seasonal overeating and strive for a balanced, healthy diet. Take a look at these tips, and be confident about what you eat at holiday get-togethers.

Healthy takes on traditional holiday dishes

An easy way to eat clean over the holidays is to make subtle changes to your traditional dishes. This is especially easy when you’re the one cooking the feast. By making adjustments to some holiday staples, you can retain the classic meal while maintaining your healthy lifestyle. If you’re doing a potluck with friends, don’t be afraid to bring a healthy version of your assigned dish.

Pumpkin pie: While it’s a classic holiday favorite, pumpkin pies are loaded with calories. Try a simple pumpkin pie recipe using Vanilla Svelte. You’ll wow your guests with this healthier version and get everyone in the holiday spirit.

Mashed potatoes: Serve mashed cauliflower in place of mashed potatoes loaded with butter and cream. This delicious dish is an unusual take on a classic. Not only will you increase your vegetable intake, but it’ll pair well with the rest of your holiday menu.

Stuffing: Instead of baking a turkey loaded with moist bread and stuffing, try a healthy wild rice stuffing recipe. This well-balanced, gluten-free alternative will be the real star at your table this season.

Create an alternative healthy meal plan

Try something new this holiday! Instead of making your traditional recipes healthy, try creating a whole new meal plan instead. Without the parameters of the classic holiday feast, you can create unusual healthy dishes that everyone will love.

Seasonal soup: A fun way to mix up your holiday meal is with a festive soup. Good for any course of the meal, tortilla, squash, or broccoli soups are hearty and warming options for lighter fare.

Savory tart: For another unexpected meal, consider making a gluten-free savory dinner tart. You can fill it with tomatoes, carrots, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, and more! The sky’s the limit for your delightful dinner.

Casseroles: While many holiday casserole recipes call for rich cream or dense canned soups, you can put a twist on it and create a hearty, healthy meal. Get some inspiration and start crafting your newest tradition.

Don’t skip meals

Another way to stay on top of your balanced diet during the holiday season is to avoid skipping meals. If you know you have a large feast coming, don’t avoid breakfast or dinner the night before. This avoidance tactic will only ensure you overeat later on. Instead, focus on small, healthy snacks and balanced meal plans.

Do you have any ideas for more healthy holiday eating tips? Comment below or share with us on our Facebook page! And don’t forget to check out our tasty line of Svelte plant-based protein shakes for that post-holiday health kick.

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